Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Proudly, I declare that I'm a nationalist now. What, a nationalist?

Here's the story. Few days before independence day, I incidentally heard a news on a local TV. The news stated that official of Makassar major ask for the citizen to place a flag in front of their houses.

So, I've placed a flag in front of my house, Am I a nationalist?


cipu said...

Let's say You are nationalist, but I don't set my flag in front of my house, so am I not nationalist?

doeL said...

Cipu: Off course you're not a nationalist, given the requirements from the vice major of Makassar. Be careful, he's looking for you now.

cipu said...

@kak Doel: heheh, luckily I live in Jakarta, so I am not the subject of makassar regulation anymore.... fiuhhhh (taking a deep breath)